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“Halaska embodies the label on Mayantology, the local quartet’s knotty, complex music borrowing as heavily from mavericks like Frank Zappa and (especially) King Crimson as it does from free jazz and self-consciously “experimental” music.”- Michael Toland, The Austin Chronicle – See more HERE

“The Austin band dives headlong into the whole prog-pop realm (which seems to be growing by leaps and bounds lately), and they do it with aplomb, managing to show off some stunning musicianship while never getting pedantic or “hey, look at what I can do!” -Jeremy Hart- Space_City_Rock – See more HERE
“This is most probably one of the best cocktail of avant-garde, post-progression and unstructured math-rock noise. The songs are by far super complex but it will only take one listen for you to dig it.”- The Sirens Sound

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“While most formerly instrumental bands have traditionally failed to impress me when deciding to add vocals, Dieter Geisler and Logan Giles actually have some vocal talent with a tonality and delivery that complements the rest of the music well.” – Brian Audette, OVRLD
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“Halaska at Mohawk. Austin-based experimental rock band (with shades of prog, free jazz and punk) move through their music with a strong sense of focus despite the number of moving parts.” – Editor’s Pick | Austin American-Statesman

“While there are few melodies that are unforgettably catchy, the continued sway of the music gets under your skin. Halaska’s ability to go from ska grooving to hard metal shredding in the space of 10 seconds is pretty astounding.” – Jack Frink, AME

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“Loose time signatures are birthed by the fusing of demented squelches, fraught guitars and taut jazz impressions in what is a messily articulate progressive post-punk marvel.” – Dots and Dashes, Joshx

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“Halaska’s music is fast, complicated, and compelling in the same way that thunderstorms make my pupils dilate. The spot on drumming was locked in with quick turning bass grooves. Meanwhile the guitar work shifted the songs into different heady avenues before the whole rapid outfit grabbed the audiences by our collective chins and swung us in new directions.” – Mate the World

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“Holy shit! Where did that just come from?!” That’s what I find myself thinking when I listen to Halaska. It’s like they pull these crazy riffs out of thin air, but they’re tight as a bolt, smooth as butter. This is an excited and playful group of dudes, and they express is wonderfully through their music. Epic long jams laced with meticulously crafted little hooks that sprawl outward into back onto themselves to form yet another catchy little phrase… Within a single song they might snap from spacey art-rock to garage surf, to some sort of middle-eastern sounding thing, then right into some incredible math-rock like breakdown and then slide right into an alt-country fade out. It’s a fun ride, that’s for sure.” – Gregg Gunner Cornish, Audio-Producer/Engineer/

Radio/ Podcast Plays

KOOP 91.7 (Austin, Texas )

Fade to Yellow; Hosted by Tom Laird podcast.

Halaska is now being played on Wade Radio. You can listen by clicking HERE or visiting waderadio(dot)com.