About Us



Formed in Austin, TX in 2011, Halaska is a four piece progressive rock outfit that confidently walks the line between indie and avant garde music. Captivating audiences with uniquely catchy hooks, impressive technical precision, and an emotionally driven live show, their thinking has always been outside the music box. 

With the growth from their first EP, typically referred to as “Weekends,” to their second EP, “Los Angeles, TX,” Halaska has set a precedent for young, ambitious bands. Refining their sound from raw, theory-driven rock to melodic, conceptual compositions, they’ve made it undeniably clear none of the sounds you hear are on accident. Formerly instrumental, Halaska’s first full-length album, “Mayantology,” set to release Summer 2013, introduces powerful vocal harmonies and perfectly structured songs that display the band’s ability to evolve and grow as songwriters and disciplined musicians.


The Music:

Halaska’s music can be very unpredictable at times, and to fans of Top 40 it may sound like they’re just making it up on the spot. It’s all in fact thoroughly written and well thought out before it’s presented to anyone. It’s instrumental and combines all genres imaginable. It moves in and out from funk to middle eastern, surf rock to classic country, metal to disco, stoner rock to fusion, and so many more. Lots of times during songwriting they end up in time signatures that not even they can explain to outsiders. Both fun and challenging, their sound stands out from the typical band your coworker is in.


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